Friday, October 31, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Ghostly Tree Silhouette

Hey guys! Halloween is finally here YAY! Which means my week long marathon of posting every day is finally coming to an end! AND I think I've saved the best for last!!

 So this nail art was one I was actually considering entering in the Nail Polish Canada contest, but I went with the clown over it because I wanted to push out of my typical "pretty" Halloween style. I know a few people I've shown this too thought I should have entered this one instead, but oh well! I stand by my creepy clown :)

So for this nail art I used a TON of colours to make the background and I have a picture at the end that shows them all, the names and a small description so you can check that out if you're curious. Basically I painted on a navy blue base colour, sponged on a purple and a turquoise to make a kinda/sorta ombre,  painted on a flakie turquoise to add a greeny glow, then a scattered holo and a white glitter mix for stars.

Technique-wise I used the saran wrap transfer method again and I actually remembered to take a photo of the decal before I cut it up and put it on the nails (its at the end of the post also). I wanted the picture to be continuous across the nails so the decal is actually one single long image (except the thumb) which I divided up and transferred to each nail.

Ok! So here it is!! Hope you like it!

I have no idea how, but the colour ended up really weird when I uploaded these.
Anyways this is Amigo, he says hi!

OK! All the colours left to right are: Sephora X Wham! (White confetti mix), Lilypad Lacquer Lilac Lovely (holographic purple swatched here), Sephora X Oh! Zone (scattered holo topcoat), Sinful colours Love Nails (Sheer turquoise shimmer), OPI I saw you saw we saw warsaw (navy blue creme), dollar store white and black stripers and Nfu Oh 54 (turquoise flakie swatched here)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Halloween Nail art with Enchanted Polish's Yesterday

Hey guys!! Sooo this is what I've been wearing on my nails all last week! But I couldn't show you until I got pictures of it in direct sunlight to show off the holo awesomeness!! That took a week! I kid you not. No sunshine for a week. Ugghhh winter woes already!!

So Enchanted Polish's Yesterday is a holographic duochrome that is impossible to describe... Where do I even start?? Well it is primarily a grape purple colour. In some lights it shifts between purple and orange with basically no in-between colours. And in other lights you get a beautiful red wine colour between the two. Every now and again while I was in the car (I have no idea why but only in the car) I got this orange to greeny/yellow shift that was fabulous too! This polish has major multiple personalities!! I tried to get a photo of every facet of this polish to show you and hopefully I succeeded!

As for the nail art I used my now usual saran wrap transfer method, where I paint on a cd covered in saran wrap and then peel off my decals and stick them on the nail like any other decal. The pumpkins are painted with Spa Ritual's Conduit and the tops of the pumpkins are Butter London's Wallis. The black is a dollar store striper.

I put one coat of Yesterday over one coat OPI black onyx and seche vite on top. A few of the nails got two coats of seche vite because the decals ended up a little rough and then I got some shrinking because I did that. So if the cuticle region looks a bit messy to you, that's why.  Also some of these photos were taken after a week, so there's a bit of tip wear showing. As I said before, no sunlight. All freakin' week.

This is the most accurate photo of the colour when its not holo or shifting

When its holo, the colour goes a bit darker

These next four photos show the range of the shift the best!

Look at that orange shift!! WOW

This picture shows the shift from purple to orange with very little in between

These last pictures are in direct light and show the holo the best!

So what do you guys think?! The nail art isn't the most original but the Enchanted Polish makes it so much more special in my opinion!! :) Have a good Halloween tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Nfu Oh 44 (Blood Orange Flakie)

Hi guys!! This is the last Halloween themed lacquer I have to show you before Halloween and I definitely think I saved the best for last!! I picked this up last week from Nail Polish Canada and I was so happy to grab it because they're actually discontinued. 

 Meet Nfu Oh 44!! This polish is a blood orange flakie in a clear base that shifts from red all the way over to green! This is one coat over OPI black onyx. Formula wise this is a little thicker than my other nfu ohs and slightly more difficult to work with because of it. If it really bothers me I will thin in, but honestly it wasn't that bad. Just like 54 (the turquoise) I showed you earlier, the clear base means that this can be worn over any colour. I think I'll try a blood red next time!

I had such a difficult time choosing my favourite photos for this!! Sorry if this post turned out a little picture heavy!

This one and the next two are in darker lighting so you can see it looks a bit different! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Ghostly Promenade

Hi guys! So I had this idea in my head for like a week and I really wasn't sure if it would work out as nail art, but it kept circling in my brain, bugging me. So I had to finally try it! I'm not completely in love with the final result, most because I didn't draw it out first and so what to put on each nail wasn't thought out too well. But oh well, maybe I'll refine the idea and try it again next year.

OH? I haven't told you what the idea was yet??? Hahaha I'll get there!

Ok. So there's a dark abandoned ballroom lit only by the ghoulish green glow of the Halloween moonlight. And in the centre of the ballroom, shimmering in greenish glow is a couple of ghostly lovers waltzing for all eternity.

Sounds awesome right??! Well, my nail art skills kind of failed me on this one and I don't think I did the idea justice. The couple is too big, the chandeliers and archways kind of look messy.... Tell me what you think! Where did I go wrong??! Did I go wrong?? Or is it just my perfectionist-ness??

So for the base colour I used OPI black onyx. The white is a dollar store white striper. And the greeny/bluish glow is Nfu Oh 54, which I swatched for you yesterday!!

I love how this pic shows that glowiness nfu oh 54 has :)

Up close you can see my painting is a little sloppy :/

This is my right hand, its pretty messy... :/

This pic shows the extreme blue shift Nfu oh 54 has really really well!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Nfu Oh 54

Hi guys!! The second Halloween themed swatch I have to show you guys this week is Nfu oh 54. I love love love love love this polish! It is a perfect flakie duochrome that shifts from emerald green to bright blue, but tends to stay mostly in a turquoise colour. Its very shifty, especially on cloudy days (which we've had all week here). The flakes are in a clear base, which means you are free to layer it on top of any colour, although it shifts the best over black. I have worn it over a navy blue before, and its very pretty like that too, although it stayed more greeny than turquoise. The flakies are perfect, they're not too big and they don't stick up awkwardly. They lay perfectly flat. The pay-off is fantastic, for these pictures I used only 1 coat over black.

I can't say enough about this entire line of polishes. Unfortunately they are discontinued, but Nail Polish Canada some how manages to restock them from time to time! So if you have been hunting for them, they are probably your best bet! They have a few of them right now and I snatched another 2 last weekend! I haven't swatched them yet but when I do, I'll show you!! :)

So I picked Nfu Oh 54 as my second Halloween colour because it kind of has a ghostly glow to me. Its really good to use to get that creepy otherworldly glow on nail art! I actually used it in two of my nail arts that are coming up this week!!

For these pictures I used 1 coat of OPI black onyx and 1 coat of Nfu oh 54 (black onyx isn't perfectly opaque with one coat, but because the flake payoff is so good, you can't see it anyways). I also topped with seche vite.

This is that emerald green I was talking about!!

This picture shows that gorgeous bright blue shift!!

This polish makes me so happy!! I really really love it! If your not convinced that this polish works as a Halloween colour, wait til you see the nail art I did with it tomorrow!!