Contact, Disclaimer & About Me

Hey all, my name is Sharra and since I was a kid I've had an artistic streak. I used to draw a lot, and turned into an angsty writer through my teenage years. Because life after that has been much too busy for the binge-art I used to do, the next logical step was somehow nail art. I used to start drawing at 9pm, and go right until 4am, which was actually a short session. It was also based on extremely strong feelings, which I just don't have anymore..

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to blather on. I've been blogging since 2005 or so, but only 2008 on blogger. This used to be my online journal but it turns out I like the attention, so I cleaned it up and dedicated it to nail art, poutine and sometimes baking and other food. I love food. Because of this tendency to keep talking, I named my blog The Blahg. As in, The Blah-blah-blah-blog. I like to think I'm clever too ;)

As I've recently found through my online connections and TA-ship at the university I'm doing my undergraduate, I really like interacting with people. Please, please, pleaseplease talk to me! =D I love comments and I answer them ALL, subscribe if you'd like to stay updated! I'm pretty sure I don't get enough comments to spam your RSS feeds yet.

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Disclaimer: I do occasionally receive products to review and I always disclose when that is the case. Due to the sheer amount of polishes in my collection I don't always remember to disclose whether the item was a gift (because I honestly do not remember) but I guarantee that I am always writing my own unbiased thoughts and opinions on any product I talk about.
Feel free to e-mail me at shfarivar(at)gmail(dot)com! I love feedback =D