Thursday, July 31, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Sapphire Weapon

Foreword: Contest is still on and there's new entries every day! Check it and feel free to enter yourself (and then send me a link or photo on my facebook page). Vote for your favourite! Hopefully it's meee~

Alright! I've got Rainbow Honey Sapphire Weapon today which I wore for almost two weeks before it fell off. It is freaking gorgeous and looks that way in the pics from their website so it's one of the very few full size RHs I own and it was totes worth it.

To start off, here's a photo of one coat.

Look at that ugly duckling. You know it's going to get beautiful.


I am extremely happy that my camera managed to capture SOME of the gorgeous holo-rainbowy goodness that is part of this bottle. I really want the other three in this little collection now...

I tried the flash in the photo above but that is not at all what it looks like IRL.

And finally, natural light!

Damn. This might be my favourite. What do you think? Should I find a way to get the other "Weapon" polishes from this collection?

Saturday, July 26, 2014 Summer Nail Art Challenge!

Woohoo! If you've been following my facebook you know that this is one of the most ambitious nail designs I have undertaken for a long time. I was contacted by NailPolishCanada (as I have been a couple times before :D) to enter their nail art contest and the theme was SUMMER.

(sorry I want it to be easy to find)

After pondering for a bit, I decided the most quintessential summer experience I had was when I went to Cuba. In Cuba, though I didn't do this myself, my friends did go snorkeling and make friends with some tropical fish.

To Google!

I used a LOT of colours for this one so I'm going to list them at the bottom of the post I think. In the pic above (which I got from googling "tropical fish" and taking the ones that I had colours for) it goes thumbs to pinkies from left to right. Check it out!

This is before topcoat. I was super paranoid it was going to ruin something so here you go.

Luckily it didn't ruin anything AND the sun came up in the morning for a bit so I could get some quality pics.

So it's obviously a skittles mani and I'll leave it for you to decide whether it's that coherent but at least it's tied by the theme of tropical fish, right?

The pic below is a feat because I took it myself by holding my phone between my knees. #bloggerlyfe

Also just lemme gush about those brushes and how thin the freaking lines are on the clownfish nail. Like wow. Dang.

Okay! As for colours... I'm going to go in the same order as the fish in the first pic, I'm sure you can figure it out though.

Index: Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine + Acrylic Paint
Middle: China Glaze Riveting + Julep Nessa + Acrylic Paint
Pinkie: WetnWild 454D + Rainbow Honey Cymbidium

Thumb: Orly Old School Orange + Acrylic Paint

Yay! That was kinda complicated, haha! I hope you like it. Check out the other entries, but you're all gonna vote for me, obvs. right? ;D

Just for good measure, here it is one more time <3

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hibiscus Nail Art

Part of my preparation for a beach outing includes painting my nails with something appropriately summery. All that preamble with a base of Rainbow Honey Sparkling Agave, topped with some sparkly Rainbow Honey Metalmark was just lead up to nail art.

I wanted to try something new, a modified dry/needle marbling. Instead of covering the whole nail with a glorp of polish, I brushed on a basic flower shape with Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine before letting some extra drop onto it. The edges hold pretty nicely. I then added a little drop of Julep January to the middle. I couldn't get pics of the process unfortunately because it dries too fast but from here you take a toothpick and stroke out to the petals, and then in to the middle between the petals. It turned out okay, but I had a lot of bubbling after topcoat D:

Didn't turn out half bad though! I was aiming for hibiscus, what do you think?

Any suggestions on other flowers I should try?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Metalmark

One more swatch post and then I did some nail art!

Over RH Sparkling Agave, one coat and some dabs of RH Metalmark, a gorgeous silver/green glitter mix that includes BUTTERFLIES. I am so glad for shaped glitter. It makes me really happy. They were not hard to find and get out of the bottle and onto the nail either which is a BIG PLUS.

This combination was really hard to photograph because IRL it glows.

Apparently I also suck at taking pictures also because it is hard to see but there are two butterflies on my ring finger... Sorry.

Are you like me, getting super excited over all sorts of glitter shapes or could you do without? What's your favourite shape of glitter?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Sparkling Agave

Greeeen! Sparkling Agave GLOWS. I should have matted it to see what happened, I think it would only intensify the effect. It took three coasts I think.

It's a very pretty colour. Reminds me a bit of Bitty Love Bot from RH's previous collection though, but with silver flakes interspersed.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Foxglove Foxtrot

Short and sweet today! Foxglove Foxtrot over Rainbow Honey Prussian Sky, a cutie pink and blue combo for you.

This glitter was super easy to work with and very photogenic. I wish there was some white in there but the combination of these soft pinks is adorable.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Prussian Sky

That last post was my 500th, wow o_o And that makes this one 501! Not as nice a ring to it...

Anyway, I am well into the throes of summer and needed a cool colour to remind me of deep cold water, hopefully tropical.

Prussian Sky is from Rainbow Honey's Midnight Garden collection and took two coats. It's glorious.

I tried to get some pictures with flash but they are not at all colour accurate..

It is an absolutely gorgeous colour though. I am really happy.

I've got the rest of this collection to go through too. Any ideas? What are your favourites?

Check out Rainbow Honey's website <3 or go say hi on Facebook (and tell them I sent ya!)