Thursday, July 31, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Sapphire Weapon

Foreword: Contest is still on and there's new entries every day! Check it and feel free to enter yourself (and then send me a link or photo on my facebook page). Vote for your favourite! Hopefully it's meee~

Alright! I've got Rainbow Honey Sapphire Weapon today which I wore for almost two weeks before it fell off. It is freaking gorgeous and looks that way in the pics from their website so it's one of the very few full size RHs I own and it was totes worth it.

To start off, here's a photo of one coat.

Look at that ugly duckling. You know it's going to get beautiful.


I am extremely happy that my camera managed to capture SOME of the gorgeous holo-rainbowy goodness that is part of this bottle. I really want the other three in this little collection now...

I tried the flash in the photo above but that is not at all what it looks like IRL.

And finally, natural light!

Damn. This might be my favourite. What do you think? Should I find a way to get the other "Weapon" polishes from this collection?

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