Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Swatch: China Glaze Mermaid's Tail and simple scales

After Sand Dolla's extreme disappointment, I am really glad to say Mermaid's Tail is glorious. Like Seahorsin' Around there's a silvery crumpled foil look to this. It also only took two coats to opacity and the texture was awesome.

To spice it up a bit I decided to use my silver Sharpie and draw on some scales. You can topcoat this but you'll lose the texture so I didn't. The sharpie lasted roughly 2 days before it looked like it had completely rubbed off but this wasn't an intricate design or anything.

It was also very subtle as you can see from the last photo =P The colour itself reminds me far more of Ariel's clamshell bra than a mermaid's tail but what do you think?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Swatch: China Glaze Sand Dolla' Make you Holla

My Sally Beauty order came in the other day and I tore it open ready to put this one on. It's the white from the Sea Goddess collection and I was really excited to do some cute little sand dollars on my nails... But it was not to be. I should have looked at other bloggers' swatches a little more closely (or at all, story of my life) because this was not going to be opaque and I could not even get much texture out of it...

At 3 coats, it's kind of textured but not at all opaque. It has little pink and green-blue glitter in it and is much more like frosting than sand which means I am really disappointed but I know lots of people would love it. It was also tinted pink by itself, probably because of those little glitters. Boo.

So excuse the mess, but here it is by itself, three coats.

i mean, it looks pretty white in the photo but it was way too pink for me in real life. It also didn't look or feel very textured... I did two more coats.

... and lost the texture entirely. SO I took that off and tried using Julep Kate (which is still a nightmare) as a base and only doing 3 coats.

Anyway, I am not impressed at all. I probably won't be using it again though I may try it over other colours to just glitter it up and frost it over... It MIGHT work that way. Either way I'll let you know of course.

Did you guys see anybody who swatched this one nicely and liked it?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ding Hao Taiwanese Noodle House and Bubble Tea

Hi everyone! I've been sitting on this post for a while, I hope you enjoy <3

Okay, so if you're local, I totally have a new place for you to try in Coquitlam (oh god I just gave away my location...) Eh. Over the summer one of my friends did me a huge favour by coming out to my area for hangouts (HI CAITLYN) and in return I decided to buy her lunch. BUT she's a vegetarian, so I had to do some googling.

One of the first and only things that came up were Ding Hao Taiwanese Noodle House and Bubble Tea. Apparently they're one of few places in the area that make noodles in the traditional Taiwanese way. I don't know what that means but I figured it would be something like pho, but new. The first time I went, I got crispy chicken and clear noodle soup or something like this. The soup itself was vegetarian I think and you can see some leafy greens and onions floating around in there. The noodles were amazing. They're really doughy and the whole meal was filling. My crispy chicken came on the side and was kind of too much food, hah.

The next time I went my friend (shoutouts to Ronak!) got the noodle in sesame sauce with cucumber, which is also a vegetarian dish (where did you all come from??).

And that's actually the end of this story because I'm pretty addicted to this. The sesame sauce is extremely rich, and the first time I had it I had a hard time finishing it (but by next week I was craving it again). I think the trick is to mix the cucumber in so that if you're feeling overwhelmed you have some of that and you're ready to go again.

Their bubble tea is fabulous too! (And HUGE)

In conclusion, you should find your local Taiwanese Noodle House and try some new things! Let me know what else on the menu I should try! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I'm not sure why I try but I got a HUGE Rainbow Honey haul and I had to try some of them at least. First, some photos!

I spent enough to earn myself the free mystery add on :D

Three polishes, rose nectar chapstick and roll-on perfume, two disposable pigment applicators, 10 studs, and a cosmetic pigment

 I also got The Summer of 199X Part II and the Midnight Garden Collection PLUS Poffin Party and Sapphire Weapon (omg I can't wait to use that one).

Anyway, for Easter, I wanted to do some skittles. I learned I am very bad at that but here we go anyway. I had to cut it down to only a few colours otherwise it was going to be more of a mess than it was so I chose RH Tessie, Cameo 18 (from mystery bag) and Mint Flavor.

On my right hand, I also added Charaxes for the dark blue, Julep Kate for the white and Revlon Hot for Chocolate for the bunny's big brown eyes.

My other hand =p It kind of turned out better once I gave up on my striping brush...

(The glitter is RH I Miss You)
So it could be better but it's not the worst thing right? I don't think I'll ever beat my first year's design... Oh well. Next year bunnies all around!

Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nailpolishcanada.com Easter Nail Art Contest!

Nailpolishcanada.com is doing it again :D A contest! They're certainly getting the hang of this, eh? Now if only I could.

I already had China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns down and I knew I wanted to do a skittles mani with my textured polishes so this design includes China Glaze Shell We Dance and Seahorsin' Around and my precious Zoyas Dahlia, Beatrix, Solange, Destiny and London. Incidentally, you can buy all of these on nailpolishcanada.com

A little messy but not the worst thing I've done. Sometimes skittles are fun! I need to try textured bunnies again sometime, maybe after I've got the rest of my CG's (aka the white one =3).

Vote for me HERE <3 (You have until tomorrow)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Swatch: China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns

Misnomer alert! This colour is NOT teal. I would consider Seahorsin' Around far closer to teal than this polish. Like the others in the Sea Goddess collection, it is a textured polish but it is less sparkly and less matte and took 3 - 4 coats rather than 1 - 2. I am far less impressed with this one.

Soooo my verdict is... eh. It looks sandblasted which is kind of cool I guess, but this is much closer to seafoam/minty colours than it is to teal. I'd say skip this one if you guys were looking to pick the Sea Goddess collection up but what's your opinion?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Swatch: China Glaze Sea Horsin' Around

This is the second of my Sally Beauty treasure hunt, and the last until my mail starts coming in. Sea Horsin' Around is a GORGEOUS teal-y blue. It is super sparkly and reminds me of those blue foil wrapped easter chocolates if you crumpled up the foil and stuck them to your nails (which I actually intended to do one day but now who needs to?). It fits right in with my Zoya Pixie Dusts for texture and sparkle.

Sea Horsin' around only took two coats for full opacity.

Eeeeee <3 This is almost as distracting to me as a full holo polish or those multichromes. Just wow.