Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ding Hao Taiwanese Noodle House and Bubble Tea

Hi everyone! I've been sitting on this post for a while, I hope you enjoy <3

Okay, so if you're local, I totally have a new place for you to try in Coquitlam (oh god I just gave away my location...) Eh. Over the summer one of my friends did me a huge favour by coming out to my area for hangouts (HI CAITLYN) and in return I decided to buy her lunch. BUT she's a vegetarian, so I had to do some googling.

One of the first and only things that came up were Ding Hao Taiwanese Noodle House and Bubble Tea. Apparently they're one of few places in the area that make noodles in the traditional Taiwanese way. I don't know what that means but I figured it would be something like pho, but new. The first time I went, I got crispy chicken and clear noodle soup or something like this. The soup itself was vegetarian I think and you can see some leafy greens and onions floating around in there. The noodles were amazing. They're really doughy and the whole meal was filling. My crispy chicken came on the side and was kind of too much food, hah.

The next time I went my friend (shoutouts to Ronak!) got the noodle in sesame sauce with cucumber, which is also a vegetarian dish (where did you all come from??).

And that's actually the end of this story because I'm pretty addicted to this. The sesame sauce is extremely rich, and the first time I had it I had a hard time finishing it (but by next week I was craving it again). I think the trick is to mix the cucumber in so that if you're feeling overwhelmed you have some of that and you're ready to go again.

Their bubble tea is fabulous too! (And HUGE)

In conclusion, you should find your local Taiwanese Noodle House and try some new things! Let me know what else on the menu I should try! :)

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