Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I'm not sure why I try but I got a HUGE Rainbow Honey haul and I had to try some of them at least. First, some photos!

I spent enough to earn myself the free mystery add on :D

Three polishes, rose nectar chapstick and roll-on perfume, two disposable pigment applicators, 10 studs, and a cosmetic pigment

 I also got The Summer of 199X Part II and the Midnight Garden Collection PLUS Poffin Party and Sapphire Weapon (omg I can't wait to use that one).

Anyway, for Easter, I wanted to do some skittles. I learned I am very bad at that but here we go anyway. I had to cut it down to only a few colours otherwise it was going to be more of a mess than it was so I chose RH Tessie, Cameo 18 (from mystery bag) and Mint Flavor.

On my right hand, I also added Charaxes for the dark blue, Julep Kate for the white and Revlon Hot for Chocolate for the bunny's big brown eyes.

My other hand =p It kind of turned out better once I gave up on my striping brush...

(The glitter is RH I Miss You)
So it could be better but it's not the worst thing right? I don't think I'll ever beat my first year's design... Oh well. Next year bunnies all around!

Happy Easter everyone!

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