Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Swatch: China Glaze Mermaid's Tail and simple scales

After Sand Dolla's extreme disappointment, I am really glad to say Mermaid's Tail is glorious. Like Seahorsin' Around there's a silvery crumpled foil look to this. It also only took two coats to opacity and the texture was awesome.

To spice it up a bit I decided to use my silver Sharpie and draw on some scales. You can topcoat this but you'll lose the texture so I didn't. The sharpie lasted roughly 2 days before it looked like it had completely rubbed off but this wasn't an intricate design or anything.

It was also very subtle as you can see from the last photo =P The colour itself reminds me far more of Ariel's clamshell bra than a mermaid's tail but what do you think?

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