Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hibiscus Nail Art

Part of my preparation for a beach outing includes painting my nails with something appropriately summery. All that preamble with a base of Rainbow Honey Sparkling Agave, topped with some sparkly Rainbow Honey Metalmark was just lead up to nail art.

I wanted to try something new, a modified dry/needle marbling. Instead of covering the whole nail with a glorp of polish, I brushed on a basic flower shape with Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine before letting some extra drop onto it. The edges hold pretty nicely. I then added a little drop of Julep January to the middle. I couldn't get pics of the process unfortunately because it dries too fast but from here you take a toothpick and stroke out to the petals, and then in to the middle between the petals. It turned out okay, but I had a lot of bubbling after topcoat D:

Didn't turn out half bad though! I was aiming for hibiscus, what do you think?

Any suggestions on other flowers I should try?

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