Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Ghostly Promenade

Hi guys! So I had this idea in my head for like a week and I really wasn't sure if it would work out as nail art, but it kept circling in my brain, bugging me. So I had to finally try it! I'm not completely in love with the final result, most because I didn't draw it out first and so what to put on each nail wasn't thought out too well. But oh well, maybe I'll refine the idea and try it again next year.

OH? I haven't told you what the idea was yet??? Hahaha I'll get there!

Ok. So there's a dark abandoned ballroom lit only by the ghoulish green glow of the Halloween moonlight. And in the centre of the ballroom, shimmering in greenish glow is a couple of ghostly lovers waltzing for all eternity.

Sounds awesome right??! Well, my nail art skills kind of failed me on this one and I don't think I did the idea justice. The couple is too big, the chandeliers and archways kind of look messy.... Tell me what you think! Where did I go wrong??! Did I go wrong?? Or is it just my perfectionist-ness??

So for the base colour I used OPI black onyx. The white is a dollar store white striper. And the greeny/bluish glow is Nfu Oh 54, which I swatched for you yesterday!!

I love how this pic shows that glowiness nfu oh 54 has :)

Up close you can see my painting is a little sloppy :/

This is my right hand, its pretty messy... :/

This pic shows the extreme blue shift Nfu oh 54 has really really well!!

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