Monday, October 27, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Nfu Oh 54

Hi guys!! The second Halloween themed swatch I have to show you guys this week is Nfu oh 54. I love love love love love this polish! It is a perfect flakie duochrome that shifts from emerald green to bright blue, but tends to stay mostly in a turquoise colour. Its very shifty, especially on cloudy days (which we've had all week here). The flakes are in a clear base, which means you are free to layer it on top of any colour, although it shifts the best over black. I have worn it over a navy blue before, and its very pretty like that too, although it stayed more greeny than turquoise. The flakies are perfect, they're not too big and they don't stick up awkwardly. They lay perfectly flat. The pay-off is fantastic, for these pictures I used only 1 coat over black.

I can't say enough about this entire line of polishes. Unfortunately they are discontinued, but Nail Polish Canada some how manages to restock them from time to time! So if you have been hunting for them, they are probably your best bet! They have a few of them right now and I snatched another 2 last weekend! I haven't swatched them yet but when I do, I'll show you!! :)

So I picked Nfu Oh 54 as my second Halloween colour because it kind of has a ghostly glow to me. Its really good to use to get that creepy otherworldly glow on nail art! I actually used it in two of my nail arts that are coming up this week!!

For these pictures I used 1 coat of OPI black onyx and 1 coat of Nfu oh 54 (black onyx isn't perfectly opaque with one coat, but because the flake payoff is so good, you can't see it anyways). I also topped with seche vite.

This is that emerald green I was talking about!!

This picture shows that gorgeous bright blue shift!!

This polish makes me so happy!! I really really love it! If your not convinced that this polish works as a Halloween colour, wait til you see the nail art I did with it tomorrow!! 

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