Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Nfu Oh 44 (Blood Orange Flakie)

Hi guys!! This is the last Halloween themed lacquer I have to show you before Halloween and I definitely think I saved the best for last!! I picked this up last week from Nail Polish Canada and I was so happy to grab it because they're actually discontinued. 

 Meet Nfu Oh 44!! This polish is a blood orange flakie in a clear base that shifts from red all the way over to green! This is one coat over OPI black onyx. Formula wise this is a little thicker than my other nfu ohs and slightly more difficult to work with because of it. If it really bothers me I will thin in, but honestly it wasn't that bad. Just like 54 (the turquoise) I showed you earlier, the clear base means that this can be worn over any colour. I think I'll try a blood red next time!

I had such a difficult time choosing my favourite photos for this!! Sorry if this post turned out a little picture heavy!

This one and the next two are in darker lighting so you can see it looks a bit different! 

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