Friday, October 31, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Ghostly Tree Silhouette

Hey guys! Halloween is finally here YAY! Which means my week long marathon of posting every day is finally coming to an end! AND I think I've saved the best for last!!

 So this nail art was one I was actually considering entering in the Nail Polish Canada contest, but I went with the clown over it because I wanted to push out of my typical "pretty" Halloween style. I know a few people I've shown this too thought I should have entered this one instead, but oh well! I stand by my creepy clown :)

So for this nail art I used a TON of colours to make the background and I have a picture at the end that shows them all, the names and a small description so you can check that out if you're curious. Basically I painted on a navy blue base colour, sponged on a purple and a turquoise to make a kinda/sorta ombre,  painted on a flakie turquoise to add a greeny glow, then a scattered holo and a white glitter mix for stars.

Technique-wise I used the saran wrap transfer method again and I actually remembered to take a photo of the decal before I cut it up and put it on the nails (its at the end of the post also). I wanted the picture to be continuous across the nails so the decal is actually one single long image (except the thumb) which I divided up and transferred to each nail.

Ok! So here it is!! Hope you like it!

I have no idea how, but the colour ended up really weird when I uploaded these.
Anyways this is Amigo, he says hi!

OK! All the colours left to right are: Sephora X Wham! (White confetti mix), Lilypad Lacquer Lilac Lovely (holographic purple swatched here), Sephora X Oh! Zone (scattered holo topcoat), Sinful colours Love Nails (Sheer turquoise shimmer), OPI I saw you saw we saw warsaw (navy blue creme), dollar store white and black stripers and Nfu Oh 54 (turquoise flakie swatched here)

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