Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween came and went!

I love Halloween. You may not believe me after all of Tiff's takeover but I have been waiting for ten months this year for Halloween so I am definitely sharing my costume (which included nails) with you guys.

Last Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend got me the greatest present ever: necomimi brainwave cat ears. I wore them for three weeks straight until the motor messed up, and then we sent them back for warranty coverage and got a new pair which have worked perfectly since then.

So obviously, cat.

To start my nails, I put down Essie Licorice and went to bed. I wore that by itself a whole day because my next step was taping and I hate taping. My polish is never dry enough. I figured after an entire day I couldn't go wrong! (I was right, it was at least dry enough :D).

I gathered my supplies the next night: striping tape, tweezers, nail clippers (to cut up striping tape) and set to work.

Last time I tried making pointy claws (years ago, pre-blog), I did black around the sharpened points. This time I wanted the outer parts of my nail to blend in with my fingers more, and give the illusion of sharp talons without any filing involved. I used China Glaze Dress Me Up and carefully applied it around the edges.

Next, I took Gosh Holographic Hero and painted the middle. Because I wanted a black outline around the claw, I left a bit of black near the cuticle and hoped it would be the right thickness.

After that, I used tweezers to pick off the tape and VOILA!

For anyone who wants to try this, a tip: try to pull off one piece of tape at a time, otherwise at the thinnest point the polish will lift with the tape.

I am so happy with the way this came out, and from afar it gave exactly the effect I wanted.

(If anyone wants more pictures of my costume, I flooded my instagram...)

I love Halloween! Tell me about yours and show me your costumes!

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