Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Sephora Dangerous

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a good Halloween! Mine was quiet, my plans got cancelled last minute so I ended up staying in. Which is fine, I'm not a huge party girl! But I love dressing up..

Anyways so about a week ago or so I went by Sephora to pick up more of my coverup and of course had to stop by the nail bar!  When did the Sephora X line become so expensive man!! $16 for the nice ones! Jeesh! Anyways I noticed Ciate has a really cute thing where you can pick three minis for $21. And I was soooo tempted because there was a sparkly blue and pink duochrome that I loved, but (does this happen to anyone else??) I literally couldn't find even one more that I liked as much... ughh. So anyways I walked to the till kind of distracted and still thinking on that polish and low and behold there was 2 big containers of Sephora Minis for a dollar each!! Whoop whoop!! All my polish woes melted away!! Dollar polish tends to do that hehehe! SO I shamelessly picked through them, made a huge mess, annoyed a few people trying to pay and found 4 colours I was really excited about! Also its not my fault they put them right in front of the till in a stupid tall vase thingy that was impossible to dig to the bottom in without pulling half of them out! ANWAYS so the next few posts I have are showing you the colours I grabbed!

If your by a Sephora anytime soon I'd definitely stop in a have a look these are nice formula beautiful coloured polishes for dollar store prices!! The first one I have for you is Dangerous! Its a raspberry red with a pink micro shimmer that was a little camera shy, but definitely noticeable in real life in brighter lightings!

Can you kind of see the micro glitter in this shot??

I know this isn't maybe the most interesting colour, but I think its really flattering on me because some reds look too blood red on me and it ends up looking kinda Halloween-y. But the raspberry tone in this one really helps it out a lot.  

Also I've started making pretty collages of swatches, what do you think? Pretty? OR distracting? 

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