Thursday, August 6, 2015

Swatch: ILNP Charmingly Purple with Rainbow Honey Cotton Candy Meringue

I'm loving my ILNP holos for the summer. I still have a list of colours I want that I can't justify given the terrible CAD-USD exchange rate right now... Rainbow Honey has released some gorgeous new collection too and I just have way too much polish (wow, never thought I'd type that...).

I can't complain too hard, I'm still swatching through my last few orders, heh. So here it is, ILNP Charmingly Purple, well accented by Rainbow Honey Cotton Candy Meringue from their La Patisserie collection. Those cute little stars, guys!

Natural light looks way better:

And sunshine rainbows!

This shade of purple is one of my favourites. I've got another darker one that's going to be perfect for fall too.

Check out both and for their latest collections and tell them I sent you!

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