Friday, July 31, 2015

Nail Art: Old Navy dress WITH POCKETS

Oh gosh, this was supposed to be posted last month. I've been really stressed out lately and haven't had time to sit and write blog posts. Thank you all so much for bearing with me! I'll end off this month with some nail art, and then I'm sitting on some nice swatches and a couple more nail art ideas to round out the summer. I hope you guys are having lots of beach time!


I'm coming to realize I make it sound like I impulse buy a lot. I want to assure everybody that I plan out my impulse purchases so they are spread out and manageable. I am a responsible adult.

I ordered ILNP Mega (S) and needed some nail art over it to match this really comfortable new dress I got from Old Navy. Also I wanted to torture myself with striping tape.

Three coats Mega, then design using Cult Nails Time Traveler.

It matched the dress pretty well.

And it came with POCKETS.

The holo on Mega is lovely!

And sunshine!

I love holos!

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