Monday, December 1, 2014

Swatch: I Love Nail Polish Sirene (S)

Oh. My. God.


So I painted my nails in the sun and the entire time I was so confused because I swore Sirene was green but all I could see while actually doing them was Masquerade dupe-y purple (which I couldn't get a photo of apparently but you can see how purple this is). I was so confused, and so I got up to go by the window and move my hands around and whatever and just look....

This is 3 coats btw.

*drumroll* MAGIC.

In the shade it is stunning.

This is my favourite one, by FAR. The shift is so amazing that I keep getting distracted while washing my hands. It has also stuck to my nails (MY NAILS) for the last 8 days with minor tipwear which is amazing because I usually pick off my polish within two days MAYBE three following a big chip.

Next time you guys make an order, add Sirene to your cart, seriously.

(And tell Barb I sent you!)

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