Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Broadway Nails BRIGHT NEON ORANGE (Totally Busted)

You think I'm kidding.

I received these for free in the mail from influenster for being a top influenster on the last Kiss product/Broadway imPRESS nails VoxBox that I reveiwed here with my bff, Allie. These photos are really coral btw, but we tried on two or three devices to get accuracy and this is the closest. They are much more orange and less pink in real life.

^^Colour accurate^^

As usual, these took Allie ten minutes to apply, she did it in the car on our way out and wore them for the next week. She gets the best use of them too because when one falls off she glues it back on and she's been keeping all of them so that next time she needs some fancy nails she has selection!

Thanks Allie!

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