Friday, November 28, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Magic Cake Two Ways!

Hi guys! So I have a Rainbow Honey polish for you that believe it or not Sharra hasn't swatched yet!! Haha girl is a huge Rainbow Honey fan!  :P  I must admit though, I'm really liking them too.

Magic Cake is a neon glitter mix with pink, green and blue squares (and pink hexes) and a silver micro glitter!! So if you love neons (and squares) this is a great one to add to the collection. The base is clear so this one is pretty versatile too. In fact, I couldn't actually decide which colour to put on top of, so I did two!!

Ok so the first colour is China Glaze Purple Panic. Its a neon pink that leans more purple than most neon pinks. It dries matte so this is two coats of Purple Panic and 1 of Magic Cake plus top coat.

 Ok so the second colour is Essie Butler Please which is a bright blue creme. This is two coats Butler, 1 coat magic cake plus top coat. Don't get me started on the formula of this one.... gross. Gloopy. Streaky. Matte-ish. The only thing that will save this one is seche vite to smooth it out. Ughhh I need to replace this one..

Which colour do you guys like better!? Lemme know in the comments! Have a good day!


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