Thursday, November 27, 2014

Swatch: L'Oreal Haute Couture Red

Hi everyone it's Tiffany! Today I have a reeeaaally simple "nail art" with L'Oreal Haute Couture Red. 

Its a super dark brown/red cream polish. It has a tendency to look black in some lightings which is not my favourite thing, but I still like it a lot. It's got a really vampy, autumn feeling! Formula wise this polish is really really nice. Smooth, self-leveling and pretty much a one-coater (although I did two here). Both of the L’Oreal polishes I've tried are suuuper shiny too, if you don't bother with top coat!

So I did a bit of nail art for you. I was inspired by the Scalloped Mani post the Beauty Geeks did (read it here)!! I love the idea and I'm probably going to try some of the different variations they showed at some point. I especially love the ombre one (the scallop raises higher over each nail). The actual scallop was super easy to do, I even managed to do it on my right hand without any trouble.

Ok so here are the swatches:

Found a bottle shot from an old post I scrapped!

If you guys want to spruce up your favourite colour this season, I definitely suggest doing scallops! They were super easy to do and definitely on trend!!


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