Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Swatch: ILNP Masquerade (S)

Ahh, you guys, if you don't have some Ultra Chromes I am going to sell you sooner rather than later. After whimpering over it they went on sale a couple Fridays ago because Barb switched bottles and Tiff and I made a nice big purchase.

Other than Abundance, I also got Masquerade which is a gorgeous maroon-purple that shifts green (and in the bottle, a bit of blue too, though I couldn't get that on my nail).

This is three coats.

You need to see this shift. I keep getting distracted while washing my hands. My time is escaping me this way...

And the main colour! (with flash)

I love it. Check ILNP out and tell Barb I sent you!

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