Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nail Art: Winter Art with OPI Snow Globtrotter (T)

Hi guys! So on Thursday I showed you the first of the two new OPI iridescent glitter mixes for the holidays, Comet in the Sky (here). This one is the second, Snow Globtrotter.  I decided to change it up and instead of showing Snow Globtrotter over another two colours, I thought I would do some nail art with it!!

Ok! So here's a break down of what I did (very easy to do btw):

1) 1 coat of OPI's I saw...U saw... We saw... Warsaw. (its a one-coater navy blue creme)
2) Sephora X Oh! Zone (scattered holo top coat) concentrated at the nail tip and dragged down in a gradient)
3) Sally Hansen Disco Ball ( small iridescent glitter mix) also put in a gradient concentrated at the nail tip
4) 1 coat of OPI Snow Globetrotter
5) Seche vite
6) Water decal snowflakes
7) Second layer of top coat to fully smooth everything out!!

I got this huge sheet of snowflake water decals from The Born Pretty Store last year, because let's be frank, snowflakes are a bitch to freehand! They're tiny, intricate and must be symmetrical. Too hard!!!

I'm a little irritated with the snowflakes, they smeared when I put the top coat on... I completely ruined my thumb and my middle finger on my swatching hand. :/ Today I went back and tried to cover the mess up with a few more glitters from Snow Globetrotter.... Idk if it looks better or worse.. Anyways, if you put the top coat on really quickly with as few of strokes as possible they do survive.

On to the swatches!!

Think this picture may show the iridescence the best!!

This picture and the following one are NOT true to colour
(sorry idk what my camera did)

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