Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Spider Nail Art!

Hi guys! So this is one of FOUR Halloween Nail Arts I did for this year (not including my contest entry Clown Mani) because I am brimming with Halloween nail art ideas! Every day this week I'm going to be posting Halloween stuff including my three favourite Halloween Polishes!! So if you do the math that's 7 posts in 6 days... not including anything Sharra might be cooking up for you. SO today is a double post day!! YAY Check out my other post later tonight!

The first nail art I want to show you is a spider themed one. So, although I'm afraid of spiders, they're an iconic Halloween image and I actually don't mind drawing them. I just don't want to touch them.

If you guys read my Thanksgiving post, I recently tried out a technique where you paint on saran wrap and then transfer it to your nails like a pre made decal. I used the technique here but I forgot to take pictures before I transferred them to my nails. Sorry, I'll try to remember for next time. I explained exactly how I did it in the Thanksgiving Post here if you're curious and didn't read it.

The fantastic part about this technique is that you can paint 10 spiderwebs and pick the best ones to put on your paws. It's really quite handy. You could even print out a clipart spiderweb and use it as a tracer to help you out! Just put it under whatever piece of plastic (I used a CD case) you wrap in saran wrap.

A quick piece of advice is to put topcoat on top of any art you do to help it peel off in one piece. But don't go over it too many times (it will smear the image) and don't put the top coat on too thick (it won't dry and will turn into a hard crumpled mess). The latter is what happened to the white spider on my ring finger. Whoops, lessons learned I guess!

Here's what I managed to come up with for a spider themed manicure:

Look at how thick and uneven that ring finger turned out! Yuck

So here's the list of the polishes I used: white striper, black striper (both from the dollar store), OPI black onyx (black cream), OPI alpine snow (white cream) and Revlon Scandalous (black jelly with purple hex glitter).
Bonus Pick! Smoke from our bonfire out back! SO pretty.
I think the white index finger is my favourite design. I might try to do a whole mani like that next year! It's kind of difficult to see, but the white spider on my ring finger is on top of a dark, purplish polish. AND *SPOILER ALERT* I'm going to have that colour swatched up on the Blahg later today!! So if you like purple polishes for Halloween, you're going to want to check this one out. It's perfect!

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