Friday, October 24, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Magnetic Polish Throwback

Helllllooo everyone! So do you guys remember the magnetic polish trend that went wild in the Fall of 2012?? Did anyone else jump on that trend train? Well I was going through my polishes the other day, looking for a pretty berry color and remembered my Sally Hansen Magnetics "Red-y Response". As much as I LOVED the colour, I didn't really like the "wave" magnetic that came with it. I thought the wave was kind of meh... Anyways I remembered I had the Essie Repstyle "Lil Boa Peep" polish as well, which was a light metallic taupe that came with a snakeskin magnetic. So I thought it would be kind of fun to swap the magnetics and revisit this pretty awesome trend!

Is this cool or what?!? Man I really like how it turned out!! As far as application went, this isn't the easiest thing ever, but its not too difficult to do with a little practice. I found that putting on a thick second coat, getting the magnet over the nail right away and quickly rocking the magnetic back and forth to get the pattern all the way from side to side, were all really really important. Also if you totally botch a nail, you can always let it dry and then paint and magnet a third coat. You can kind of see a bit of tip wear on my middle finger in the first picture. I took these pictures 24 hours after painting (with topcoat), so ya... the wear time on this polish (as well as the Essie magnetic one) is not great. That's probably the biggest downside with this polish, unfortunately. Anyways, I'm not very good at doing nail art with my left hand, so I really like that this was easy to do and actually turned out better using my left hand than my right!! Hahah. Hope you guys pull out your magnetic polishes and rock it this fall!

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