Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Swatch: Essie Licorice + Nfu Oh 51

OH SHARRA'S BACK. For a couple posts anyway, I couldn't put off posting when I have pics of my own forever but Tiff is having a blast and I don't think she's going to stop soon =3 I am going to tell you here it is pretty great to have a nail friend so close. There has already been a swap where I offloaded my doubles and got some awesome polish in return, one of which is featured today.

For the last seven years (you read that right) I have relied on a single black to sustain me, Revlon Blackest Black and recently (as of two years ago?) Essence Black is Back. Tiff generously provided me a replacement in the form of Essie Licorice and oh my the formula is divine. I used two coats and it went on like butter! (Haha, speaking of butters, Tiff nabbed mine to try at home, hopefully we'll see that pop up soon!)

Not much to these photos of course, just your basic black.

I can't leave you with just that after leaving the Blahg alone for so long though, so I'm going to show you one of the polishes Tiff let me borrow. Check this out!

This is Nfu Oh 51, a multichrome flakie in a purple jelly base. Over black, it looks a lot like Essie Shine of the Times (though admittedly weaker).

I think part of the appeal of this polish is the gorgeously elaborate bottle. Not gonna lie, I definitely want it. If anyone empties one of these and wants to send me the bottle I would be totally happy to find another use for it.


In obvious news, it's Halloween pretty soon and that means some contests! Send me ideas! Show me your nails! The Facebook Page is always yearning for pretty photos!

Tell me how your life is!

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