Monday, October 13, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: May the Fourth Post be With You

Hey polish peeps it's Tiffany here! The polish I have for you guys today is an oldie from Wing Dust Polish called “Sharptooth”. This polish is another glitter topcoat with teal, white and black diamond shaped glitters and iridescent flakes in a clear base. I spent a longggggg time trying to find an interesting color to put this one over. I don’t know whether my collection just happens to lack in colors that would go with this, or if it's the fact that the white and black glitter components rule out using white or black as the base. I ended up settling on a navy blue (which is pretty uninspired, but maybe the safest bet). So the base is OPI’s “I saw…U saw… we saw…Warsaw”. This is a really nice green tinted navy blue. I’d call it a one coater as well. It goes on smoothly and easily, which makes it great for putting under glitters.

Before we go on to the pictures, let me apologize for the crappy paint job. My left hand got a case of performance anxiety. LOL. Sorry! 

Holy Batman! So that was a fishing expedition!! Every stinkin’ glitter piece fought me to the death. Annnnnddd somehow my base color started leaking onto the glitter. I swear it was dry before I put the glitter on and I have no idea how that happened. You can see it in the second picture on my index finger. As far as looks wise, I do really like it, but maybe not as much as I thought I would. The glitter was just so hard to get even across the nail that it kinda drove me nuts and made me not like the polish as much. I do have to say though, this polish is very unique. I don't have anything quite like this one! 

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