Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nail Polish Canada Halloween 2014 Nail Art Contest :D

FINALLY some nail art! I have been so unmotivated lately and BUSY too. Currently working three jobs actually (all part time) but luckily none of them really has rules against outrageous nail colours...

On that note, this is actually one of the least outrageous designs I've tried.

First things first, my friend gave me Julep's Oxygen basecoat which I've been using a little bit. My nails do feel smoother and look better btw... Maybe I'll do a bit of a review later.

Anyway, I have to get this post up hence why it's being posted ASAP.

Okay, I started with the basecoat and then my plan was to matte the nails and use shiny topcoat to draw some spiderwebs and well... that didn't work. So anyway, here's my almost nude nails in case anyone was curious. (WarPaint Mattify)

I have been totally enamoured of "negative space" manicures and I really wanted to do something like that. After trying the shiny topcoat thing and failing, I wished I had something shiny but nearly invisible to mimic spider silk in the light and then I remembered I have rainbows in a bottle. I used the Gosh Holographic Hero.

I used one of my brushes. The lines aren't very thin but this design is subtle.

Except of course the little buddy one my thumbs, using Essie Licorice.

Teehee. I don't mind it. Won't win me anything but you can check out the entries here and vote for your favourite <3

At the suggestion of Kate from Fishing 4 Beauty I added this to a Halloween link up! Check it out for some ideas on spooky manicures!

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