Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nail "Art" Blue Skittles

PSA: If you text me saying you have a random urge to walk into Sephora and come out with some random nail polish (despite never having done your nails or wanted to in your entire life) I will reply in ALL CAPS to come over and not waste your money because I own 250+ different colours of nail polish and at this point it's probably more like 300.

So guess what? ;D

Left to right: Rainbow Honey Charaxes, Rainbow Honey Lumine Hall, Rainbow Honey Prussian Sky, Rainbow Honey Midnight Fountain, Essence Walk On Air. As you can see from the lack of linkies, she was the first to try a couple of these polishes :D

PSA#2: Don't come in and say "blue" because I will hand you 20 polishes....

This is Sarah!! She did all these things and then let me paint her nails! She's the coolest person and is apprenticing as a car mechanic.
This is her "what have I gotten myself into" face

Ta daa!

This was actually also one of my only times to have ever painted someone's nails. I was about to say it's my first but then I remembered I painted a lovely friend's digits with Zoya Dahlia. Sigh.

I was kinda going for a skittly-ombre-y kinda deal here.

This is my first successful skittles mani also btw. I'm just not good at them, I pick clashy colours.. Practice makes perfect I guess!

So I hope this encourages my nearby friends to always text me for nail polish things :D. What colour skittles would you have asked for?

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