Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Papillon

Those ladies at RH HQ are the sweetest bunch! I came home a couple months ago to a nice surprise from them!

The package included their best selling glitters from 2013 (Kraken and Magic Cake), their two Valentine's polishes (Sweet Talk and XOXO) and the sneak preview of their spring butterfly glitter, Papillon! There are so many possibilities for Magic Cake that I am frozen with indecision....

Papillon makes the perfect spring combination over Julep Robin! Those butterflies are adorable but I think my favourite part was the tiny micro holographic glitter that spread so nicely over the whole nail.

So sparkly! I love shaped glitters too! Without topcoat, the butterfly wings do stick up a little bit, especially on my very curved nails. The mix of glitter is beautiful though, and it's not just pink but there's a dash of blue and silver too, and of course those tiny, tiny little rainbows. Some of the butterflies flew away after some wear (again, without topcoat, with topcoat I don't think any of this would happen) but the majority stayed stuck and flat and I had flashy fingers for the first week of spring.

Have you ordered from your favourite brand lately?


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