Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jellyfish nails!

Hi everyone! I hope you all took yesterday as an excuse to demand cuddles and sweets with your sweetie, or drink some really fancy potent things with some cuddly snuggly blankets and your favourite movie <3

Vancouver Aquarium opened their doors on Wednesday the 12th after hours for some kid-free awesome time and I didn't quite realize how much the children interfere with my enjoyment of the place until the night was over and I realized I learned and talked a lot and actually felt rewarded for my interest... ANYWAY, I was so excited and we all know what I do when I'm excited by now right?

I started with one of my favourite polishes, Nyx Thunder.

I started with it because it is not the easiest polish to work with and does take upwards of 3 coats to be completely opaque, despite the fact that I knew I wanted the darker colour to be near my cuticles. It worked out though! I swiped some Vaseline onto my cuticles to keep them clean and used my make up sponge to make a gradient using Sephora Formula X Cosmic (the one that was a lovely gift!). It's purple after multiple coats but the first coat is blue and I knew it would look like that over another blue.

I love gradients! For some reason it never sticks in my head how good they look and how easy they are. I covered this in a coat of Rainbow Honey Bubblebeam.

Of course it's not over, this isn't art yet! Recently VanAqua advertised their fluorescent jellyfish display and they did not disappoint. My nails needed some jellies! I used acrylic paint and a striper brush I got as part of a set from

I may need a little practice for realism but I really like how they turned out. Hello jellies!

The whole event was absolutely awesome <3 My boyf and I needed a nice date night and we don't really do Valentine's day so this was perfect and fun! Even during the day with little brats running around the actual aquarium is pretty cool. One of the nicest things about the lack of children (even though the lack of children was a gift itself) was that the staff talked about the research that goes on behind the scenes as well as the cool facts about the creatures. I hadn't realized how much Vancouver Aquarium had contributed to science before that night.

Bonus photo!
Awake sloth!!

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