Saturday, January 11, 2014

Swatch: Julep Kai

Wow, this polish is getting old too. I picked this up during the Black Friday sales going on and I was completely unaware it was a "sea salt" polish. Once again, Zoya wins, everyone else should just go home and stop trying. Julep Kai is no exception. Despite being a very pretty blue colour and being opaque in two coats, it was a little thick and didn't really dry. For a long time. It just didn't dry. I dunno what I did. I did dent it several times though, that was frustrating.

The non-Zoya textured polishes just look like cheap wall plaster. SIGH. Oh well, I can topcoat this and it'll go away, as you'll see soon enough =3 Do you like any of the non-Zoya textured polishes? Show me!