Monday, January 13, 2014

Swatch: I Love Nail Polish Truffle Shuffle

I had to do something with that Julep Kai textured mess from last time since it wouldn't dry and it looked terrible so I chose a glitter topper that had been waiting for the perfect base colour.

ILNP Truffle Shuffle is from the Valentine collection and I picked this one up on sale the same time I ordered the Ultrachromes =3 It has various sized red and pink hexes that come out of the bottle and off the brush super easily.

I got some nice compliments, including one that called these robin egg nails.

That night I was going bowling and the best thing about that is BLACK LIGHTS :D This meant I could pull out my WarPaint Blacklight topcoat and put it to the test. It aced!

So glowy! Sorry about the terribly grainy photos, I'm not sure why that happened, but rest assured the WarPaint blacklight polishes definitely work.

Do you have any fun topcoats or glitters?

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