Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Happy hump day!

Man, I have been sitting on these forEVER. I'm sorry about that, because I've basically deprived you of my friend's gloriously luscious lips for far, far too long. Last year she swatched all her new lip tars for me and they are freaking beautiful. Her name is Bri and she is extremely active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She does all sorts of make up, especially gore and creepy stuff and she is really really good at it.
I asked her to tell me about applying the lip tars and this is what she figured you would need to know.
1. Use the tiniest drop of lip tar and start at the center of lips, work outwards. A little goes a long way.2. Conceal your lip completely.
Optional: Nude lip liner if you have some.
They're also all vegan, for those of you that care for that kind of thing!
Anyway, we've got ten colours here.
January Rising
Kava Kava
Direct quote: "Don't over-draw like a drag queen like I did unless you secretly want to be a drag queen (like I do)." ;D
Bri also notes that they are amazing for mixing, and for that her favourite is RX, though she does love Grandma pretty hard too.
What do you think? Go tell Bri how awesome she is! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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