Saturday, January 25, 2014

Swatch: Formula X for Sephora Cosmic

This polish is going to have so much sentimental value for me forever because one of my students from last semester gifted it to me and she is so bloody cute, you don't even know.


She drew all over the box with jokes and compliments and T_T I don't know what I did to deserve it but eeeee.

AND THEN I OPENED LE BOX. (The bottom box was beautiful chocolates that I'm afraid to eat because they look so beautiful and fancy).

In the bottle, Cosmic looks like Max Factor type polishes - purple with a red shimmer throughout. To get this effect on my nails though, took three coats because that shit is BLUE! Threw me for a loop haha! The red shimmer eventually purples it all out but if you look closely the combination leaves this wonder effect of a mix of red, blue and purple.

Eeeehhh it's gorgeous <3 Thank you bun! <3 <3

Have you guys picked up any of Sephora's new Formula X? (The formula is great by the way, and the brush too.) What colours should I check out (oh god what has she begin? XP)

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