Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pokemon #12: Ice

AAAHHHH A POKEMON POST. Now that the pressure's off, it seems some of the creative juices are flowing. I left the NCC before the new year since I couldn't really keep up, and hopefully this gets it all going again this year.

Anyway, ICE. I started with Essence You Belong To Me (which still looks sky blue to me!) and layered Essie Shine of the Times. When this dried up to look acceptably icy, I broke out the acrylic paint and swept a beautiful sea creature across my fingers...

I like it! It looks fine EXCEPT FOR THE HORRIBLE BLEEDING SHARPIE FACE D: Don't use Sharpie for small details, okay guys. I must be out of the loop because I tried it anyway. SIGH! I still like them though, they're cuties, even if they do look unbearably sad.

Anyway, I think the inlinkz is so old I'm really only advertising for everyone else but they deserve the attention, they did amazingly <3

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