Monday, January 27, 2014

My first experience with studs! (except Branden of course ;D)

I really really really wanted to do something with that gorgeous colour and drew up a blank, so I just dug into my Sharpie pouch and pulled out GOLD. I also knew I wanted to incorporate the new studs (Sally Hansen!) that I got for Christmas from Branden's cousins and aunt/uncle).
Anyway, obviously I started with Formula X for Sephora Cosmic (what a name) and then just started drawing lines with the gold sharpie. I knew where I wanted the stud, so I added a layer of topcoat (which of course caused the sharpie to run everywhere :( ) and then pressed in the stud with this handy little tool that the kit came with. It'll pick up and let go of them when you want it to for the most part.

Anyway, I talk too much!!

It looks alright from a distance! What's your favourite manicure with studs? I need ideas! I still have silver and black ones to try out, and a bunch of loose gorgeous glitter too! Send things my way :D

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