Friday, December 27, 2013

Swatch: Julep Cara and Andrea

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Time for the countdown to New Years!

So I finally liked a Julep Maven box to use the 2000 points I had accumulated via bonuses and birthday things. They called this collection the "glitterati" which is a name I actually quite like xP. I chose to actually get the Bombshell box I was assigned this time and it came with two very gorgeous colours.

Julep Cara is "cranberry" red shimmer. The "" is because I always imagined cranberries much less pink but I'm probably wrong since I've never actually seen one... This is two coats and I really liked it.

Julep Andrea is a sparkly gold that's got quite good coverage. I think next time I would just put down two coats on its own and have very glittery fingers. This is 1 coat I believe, with a second to cover bald spots. It dried relatively flat, and very evenly so I didn't bother with topcoat.

I really like it, though I'm not sold on this double accent nail thing. Come back soon to see what else I did with it.

Oh, Julep does that thing where I can refer you for stuff, so here's the link, and if you use the code PENNY your first box is *free* :D Let me know what you think!

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