Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NailPolishCanada.com Winter Nail Art Contest #1: Snow!

WELP, I THOUGHT THIS WAS DUE DECEMBER SIXTH, and it was actually for the first. Fail, Sharra.

Here it is anyway, and I'm out of the running for the big prize at the end... I guess there wasn't much of a chance anyway, but the hope is nice, right?

Okay so I started with ILNP Cygnus Loop, and the shift reminded me of the sky the night before it begins to snow.

To start, have a horribly coloured picture so you know what I deal with when trying to take photos with my little blackberry. It wouldn't colour correct at first...

Ah, there it is. You can see the shift quite nicely. I did evenly spaced dots using white acrylic paint. A nice simple design.

What do you think?

Check everyone else out, and leave your vote for the best one. You have until Wednesday.Vote for me next week, hopefully that will come soon and on deadline. SIGH.

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