Saturday, October 26, 2013

NCC Halloween #3: Meow

As soon as I saw Mutagen in person, there's only one thing I could think of. I mean, the name and colour kind of implies a Frankenstein monster or something, but it almost glows so I went for something else...

All this is is ILNP Mutagen and some Sharpie. Easy peasy =3

I have three little kittens on each hand and a tail peeking out on my pinkie. To get there, they obviously walked across my thumb ;D You can see both hands above, do you think I'm getting more ambidextrous?

Here's a better view of the colour shift:

It looked sooo cool in real life =3

Also a reminder to keep your kitties indoors for the next little while, especially the black ones. Unsupervised kids (and adults, to be fair) are ignorant of right and wrong sometimes.