Sunday, October 6, 2013

NCC Halloween #1

Alright! Halloween is one of my favourite things! I love dressing up, I love candy, I love attention, I love orange... we're just good to go, okay?

We're gonna start off tame though, because it is only the 6th... and obviously I set myself up well, and started with KB Shimmer Orange Pop <3 Now last year, when I still loved Julep and was getting boxes (I have skipped the last bajillion, nothing just looks that good...), they included a little extra in their box - some water decals from Alex Cole. Just a few, to try out.

Here's the sheet:

Orange is obviously for pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, so I snipped out the two that were on there. I thought I was being all smart by leaving a little tab, but don't. I did one and then cut the other one down properly. Tweezers make it really easy to separate from the backing without wrecking it so don't worry.

The instructions say:
"Cut closely around decal. Float image facing up in small bown of water for 5-20 seconds. Carefully remove decal from backing with tweezers and place on nail. Apply top coat of choice."

Instead of a bowl I used my handy-dandy SFU Biology shot glass ;D It's the perfect size.

And now picspam:

You can see the bottom got a little eaten away... totally my fault, but it was the first one I applied EVER so forgive me pls.

Second one worked better, and I had totally dropped it in the water upside down and had to rescue it ~_~;
It worked out too though, look at his grin!

And then my topcoat. I chose WarPaint Mattify.

D: I LOVE IT THEY'RE SO SMILEY! What do you think? A lot of ladies are going all out this month, so get your clicky mice ready ;D

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