Friday, October 4, 2013

Swatch: KB Shimmer Orange Pop

Hello everyone! I won a giveaway a few weeks ago from an amazing girl (Bridget) at an amazing blog (A Painted Nail). She's the kind of person who's so easy to talk to (tweet at ;D) and then you're scrolling absently through your blogroll on bloglovin and stop and have to scroll back up to the header to find out who does those amazing freaking nails and you realize you talk to her on Twitter like ALL THE TIME. *COUGH*

Anyway, yeah, I won $25 to Harlow&Co, which I of course spent on a grab bag + shipping, and added on something else with my own money that I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise... ANYWAY.

IT'S OCTOBER. October is ORANGE. So is KB Shimmer Orange Pop! It looks like it has candy in it.
(Shoutouts to Nails for the Sake of Sanity too, because the polish she sent me looks just like this one! Y'all know what I like yo ;D)

So here's one coat, just to show you the opacity. The rest of the photos are four coats, though three was opaque.

Anyway, KABLAM:

For some reason those photos are very red, and the next ones are more colour accurate... But it does pop a lot, and the squishyyyy~

:D So thank you, Bridget from A Painted Nail, thank you Harlow&Co and thank you KB Shimmer! Glad I could try a high end brand  I would never normally buy <3

Have you bought from KB Shimmer? What was it?

PS: I had this one during the day today and my photos don't really capture just how NEON it is. It is like seriously glowy orange. :DDDD BEST POLISH.

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