Monday, August 5, 2013

August NCC#1: Around the World - Vancouver Pride!!

I managed to finish last month's entire challenge :D Hurrah! Apparently flowers are fun! And now it's time for the August theme which is around the world which I'm kicking off with Vancouver Pride, since that was yesterday =3 Also as an excuse to do rainbows and to lead into talking about something really important (probably tomorrow).

I started with Gosh Holographic Hero. I took a picture for you because last time I swatched this I worked really hard to make it perfect and this time I just did two coats and it turned out alright =3

Alright! So there's a start, a base of rainbows =3 Now, in honour of Davie street's permanent rainbow crosswalks, I pulled out my dreaded striping tape.

Side note: What I really wish I could have done is used textured polishes to mimic the coloured concrete but alas, I don't own the Zoya Summer PixieDust collection in full (YET!)

And... (I mean, obviously)...

I used Julep January and Leah and Essences Wake Up!, Wanna Be Your Sunshine, Let's Get Lost and Passion for Fashion. I recommend actually not using the Essences for this if you're gonna try it (at least, not the old formula ones) since they got tacky and, as you can see on the thumb, didn't pull off clean. But, judging by that behaviour, they're gonna be great for sugar spun nails.

On my index finger, I put two coats of Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler.

It needed some topcoat, so that was another opportunity for more rainbows =P I used Piper Polish Spectraflair topcoat.

See there? I had to pull the tape off really carefully and make sure that the tacky bit fell on my skin rather than across all the other colours D: what a nightmare. Not as bad as I thought striping tape would be though. The hardest part was finding the end to get it all unrolling in the first place.


 Both hands turned out pretty good apparently!

Did any of you do Pride nails?

Take a trip around the world!

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