Monday, July 29, 2013

NCC#4 Sakura Blossoms!

Sneaking right in with the last flowers post for the NCC :D I promised myself I'd do some sakura blossoms. I also want to give some shoutouts to my flower inspirations: Elizabeth from Did My Nails (who sent me OPI DS Classic =3) and Kayono Lan from Neues vom Kellerkind. They are just so freaking talented, and I especially love their flowers. Okay, here we go!

Instead of doing a mint polish base (I feel like I have done a lot of those lately...), I started with OPI DS Classic (of course) and then freehanded with the Revlon Hot For Chocolate's own brush. I tried using the BPS brushes I had but they weren't putting down enough for the thick lines I wanted.

Now, I totally wanted to do the "one stroke technique" to make flowers but I dunno man, my nails are pretty small and there's not a lot of space to wiggle back and forth. I did try to use a flatter brush and put white on one side and pink on the other. It didn't work out terribly but they're definitely nothing I'm going to sell ;P

I added some leaves in there with a light green to balance out the warm tones going on and ta-daa!

The other hand didn't fare so well, but it looks fine from afar XP

I topped it off with Essie Pure Pearlfection (couldn't find another topcoat D:). And then sunshine!

I like them! I even made it to the end of this month's challenge! Hurrah me!

And everyone else who made it too! Hurrah them! Who's your favourite? (I'll still love you if you don't choose me ;D)

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