Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Tiny Ruby

I know y'all were getting all excited for some Canada Day nail art but the maple leaf has gotten old for me for some reason, even though it's not like I do it every year. If  you're really craving some country birthday art, check out last year's nails k. I went with glitter this time. Free glitter. Glitter provided for my honest review.

I put it over Orly Razzmatazz. Two coats.

This is actually one that looks much better in person. You can see it in some of the photos, how you get twinkly little red bits and those just don't quit.

Linking to last year's nail art got me feeling a bit nostalgic though so I added some festivity over top of this in the form of Julep O Canada, a stroke of genius from last year and a dupe of a Pure Ice that my friend here has swatched so don't go running out and spending $14 on this when you can go to Walmart for $2.

None of them will watermark apparently, so have some pics.

It's actually more twinkly than before now and I feel sufficiently festive. How did you or are you going to pay homage to your country's day of reckoning? Less lazily than me I hope. Feel free to link me =3

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