Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Brace yourself, it's story hour. I don't even know what possessed me to join this site in the first place. It was probably some ad on Facebook. Also they advertise "free shipping" and what they mean is "free shipping for Americans." Anyway, I joined and I found a couple things I really liked so I went to order them. I paid $20 for shipping but for two pairs of shoes $60 isn't bad at all.

I ordered a flat grey knee-high boot called LINA and some really cute sandals called DIVYA. Sorry, I couldn't pull photos off the site...

A few days later I got an e-mail saying part of my order had been cancelled. They had taken Divya off and continued with the rest of it. Instead of refunding the money back to my credit card, they'd kept it in "store credits" which had an expiry date set for 5 years. So I paid shipping on one pair of shoes rather than two, and that's not worth it in the least.

I called to find out what to do about this fiasco and waited on hold for upwards of 45 minutes. I honestly believe that if I hadn't started pestering them on social media, I would have been sitting another hour. By the time he had called my cell phone somebody else had started talking to me. The story they gave me was that those sandals had all been recalled because the quality wasn't up to standard so instead of just telling me this and shipping me the shoes that would be up to standard when they were available they had given me store credit for the sale price of the shoes, which were no longer on sale and there was a glitch between the warehouse and the retail site so that if I tried to order them again I would have to go through all this garbage again. The "Stylist" gave me a credit towards shipping which is something, but still a total piss-off, especially since if I wanted THOSE SHOES that I had painstakingly picked out and hemmed and hawed over I would have to pay en extra $10 now. Nope.

Anyway the boots came. They are actually pretty fab and I'm going to get a lot of use out of them (even though it's summer, because it just keeps bloody raining).

They totally just survived my 45 minute hike to city center and didn't chafe or anything. Surprisingly good buy =3

Anyway, that's enough of that.

I was going to wait until July 1st and see what the whole "showroom" garbage was but I'm impatient and I am kind of fed up with this company and their shitty operations so I just trawled the clearance section until I came across DIONE and NOBOKU. I like the shape of Dione and I'm sure I can find ways to wear it. As for Noboku, I can't walk in shit like that but I need a pair of pirate boots so we might work out as a couple.

I'll let you know what happens as soon as they get here.

So this site is one that operates on referrals and I'll get points if you use my link. It's not worth it if you're Canadian BUT for the free shipping and returns/whatever in the States, you'll probably have an excellent time of it... as long as you don't have to call them. Alternatively, you can do as I do and rove over the clearance section once in a while. All sales final, free shipping in the states? Not a bad deal, honestly. If you're in the states.

Also, here's my link. I won't cancel my account until the order comes through but if I can milk this and make up for my inconveniences that'd be pretty alright. Every 5 friends you get to sign up is a free pair of shoes (plus you get points on purchases you make). Of course for me, I'll have to pay $20 shipping but we'll fight that battle when we get to it.

... In conclusion, I'll wear closed flats this summer, and fuck you ShoeDazzle.

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