Monday, July 1, 2013

Swatch: Orly Razzmatazz

Hi! Today I have another of those 50c minis I found in the corner of a Pharmasave. Razzmatazz is what I would describe as a Cerise colour. It's also a jelly and coverage and formula was AMAZING. If you wanted a red wash over your nails you could do a single coat (shown below).

And then a second coat. Didn't change the colour really, just added some opacity.

Razzmatazz is the kind of colour that makes me think of Taylor Swift and Instagram and overexposed photos from dark indie concerts (like those Virgin mobile commercials?). It's kind of vintage/classic which unfortunately reminds me of wanna be's and hipsters. It's still a cool colour though. It's not its fault that hipsters are lame.

It's pretty perf. I think I like this red. I'm glad I have one for one Julep January finally fails me.

Do you have any weirdly specific impressions of nail polish colours?

And it's totally Canada Day! Happy Canada Day! Maybe I'll do nail art on this and show you tomorrow =3 See you then <3

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