Friday, July 12, 2013

Poutine: Club Ilia

SFU, where I just graduated from, finally got a fancier dining establishment to open up there which is where I found myself when I went up to help my friend invigilate the midterm for the class she's teaching (I have really cool friends <3). I saw poutine on the menu and you know how it is...

We split it between us so the photos shown are half the amount you get. Also this was a beef poutine.

The gravy and the beef were freaking delicious, and the fries were amazing! The cheese was good but it wasn't anything special. For the $12 or whatever the full size came to, this was a good meal.

For its ranking, it fits right in above Belgian Fries. Club Ilia's poutine was of much higher quality in my opinion, and omg those fries.
  1. Dunn's Famous
  2. Preston's
  3. Brado Pizza
  4. Mean Poutine
  5. Zako's Deli
  6. The Kaboom Box
  7. Club Ilia
  8. Belgian Fries
  9. Frenchies
  10. La Poutinerie
  11. Fritz
  12. La Belle Patate
  13. The Cambie
  14. The Metropole Community Pub
  15. Dougie Dog
Don't forget the full list is HERE.

Have you been following my poutine adventures? Which one looks the best so far?

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