Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NCC Flowers #2

FLOWERS! Nail Challenge Collaborative #2. I always have this plan for these challenges (eg doing the sakura blossom design that everyone in the world except me has done) and then deviating from it. I blame polish I have to swatch. I like getting more than one post out of my nail designs...

Anyway, I started with Sally Beauty's Sally's Girl Glam and then wanted a dark purple. Julep Maggie (one of my first Juleps!) was the perfect one. I used my dotting tool and started with five petals but immediately switched to four-petaled flowers. As usual, my left hand (off hand painting) turned out better than my right (dominant hand painting) because I figured out what I was doing halfway through. Anyway, step one (can you find the 5 petal flower? =P):

The other hand ended up more evenly spaced, so I'm showing you.

For the middle of the flowers, I used Rainbow Honey Gilded Angel (nice and opaque) and the other end of my white dotting tool. I also added some dots between the flowers like I'd seen so many awesome bloggers do. Sometimes some extra dots just make a design better.

Don't worry about the terrible picture, you're not missing anything.

This one is the good stuff.

Because it looks like terrible old-timey wallpaper, I matted it using Julep's Suede topcoat. It was a good choice, I really like it better =3

And then there was sunshine!
(... which kind of made my skin look terrible next to this colour D:)

Yay! Flowers #2, CHECK. What do you think?

As usual, lookit all the pretty flowers! <3

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