Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swatch: Tokidoki SANDy

I got this one a long time ago! This brand of nail polish has been discontinued for a while, at least in Sephora. This is totally disappointing because they were fringe, edgy, whatever. They weren't the kind of prissy snobbery that brands in Sephora always make me think of. SANDy is a bottle full of very fine bar glitter - gold and blue/green. It's beautiful. I also should have thought of it when I tried to do coconut nails (because it might look hairy), but let bygones be bygones. I put one coat over RH Skyward Bot, and a second coat for an accent nail.

This was agonisingly difficult to photograph! Did you guys steal any tokidoki when they went on sale in your Sephora?

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